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Emma Louise Pursey - Show Reel


Freelance Melbourne-based actress

Running Time: 2:55 min

Scenes (in order of appearance)

THE SOUND OF LOVE - Short Film (00:07-00:36)
Director: Alex Richter
Character: Sally

Year of Production: 2016
Genre: Quirky Comedy/Romance
'Will eccentric inventor, Hubert ever win the heart of his sweet neighbour, Sally?'

WINNERS & LOSERS - Channel 7 (00:36-01:16)

Director: Jean-Pierre Mignon

Character: Nina Maroun

Year of Production: 2012

Genre: Television series - Drama/Comedy

'Nina is a driven HR manager who is used to getting what she wants. She works hard for her success and hates to be kept waiting.'

ELLIE PARKER - Scene from feature film (01:16-02:19)

Character: Ellie Parker

Year of Production: 2018

Genre: Comedy

'Jobbing actor, Ellie Parker has an emotionally cathartic experience at therapy, but is also on market for a new sweater.'​

UNTITLED - Short film (02:19-02:52)

Director: Peter T Nathan

Character: Marie

Year of Production: 2011

Genre: Crime Drama

'Marie, who has money troubles of her own, is offered a substantial sum of money to save the life of a wounded stranger.'​

The Sound of Love: Scenes


Year of production: 2016

Running Time: 4:38 min

Genre: Quirky Comedy/Romance

Director: Alex Richter
Character: Sally

Co-starring: Lee Mason

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The Brides of Frank


Emma Louise Pursey was a founding member and co-director of theatre ensemble, The Brides of Frank, one of Queensland's foremost independent theatre companies in the 2000's.

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